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Warisan Abadi – Preserving Legacy, Embracing Identity, Spanning Generations

In every crafted beauty, lies a thousand and one stories, resides boundless glories. For Syawal this year, through the Warisan Abadi collection, POYA seeks to impart meaning to the present generation by uplifting values that have mostly become mere memories to many.

POYA's traditional wear collection is not just a piece of fabric to flaunt – each one symbolises the traditions and cultures inherited from previous generations. Warisan Abadi not only expresses the art of fashion, but also serves as a call for each generation to continue respecting the ancient roots that nourish today's foundation, while also appreciating their own ancestral heritage. 

Symbolic as a beautiful poetry, Warisan Abadi embraces traditions that should be the backbone for the current and future generations. As traditions and cultures begin to fade among some, expressions of notions, such as fashion, play a crucial role in manifesting the time-honoured values to be upheld. 

Grace and finesse born from a weave rich in meaning, Warisan Abadi emerges as a bridge between the past and future – transcending time with the sincerest of appreciation, in harmony with the progress of the era. 

Warisan Abadi also whispers an unwavering call that survives the strongest of currents, that brave through the blazing flames of modernity – values that guide in preserving the heritage, in carving steps with dignity and faith. 

The adorned attire also presents values that shape identity, that feeds the mind and soul. For this collection, POYA aims to instill pride in true identity, reminding that real uniqueness lies in roots and culture, in all the teachings passed down from one generation to another. 

In the diversity of culture and tradition, Warisan Abadi seeks to bring the world back to its roots, to the point where it all began. 

POYA also continues its ultimate tradition of offering unwavering quality. Each attire goes beyond today, lasting years to be inherited by the next generation. Premium fabric that prides of exclusivity, handcrafted art unmatched in quality – take home a piece of valuable heritage to become a part of a timeless story and memory. 

Warisan Abadi offers a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and cuts. Selections such as variations of Baju Kurung, Baju Kurung Kedah and Baju Kebaya provide choices in styles and sizes regardless of age and body shape. Sizes range from XS to 3XL. 

Experience the grand uniqueness of this collection at POYA in Bangsar Shopping Centre or purchase online at


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