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The Charming Simplicity of Baju Kedah

Baju Kedah is believed to have originated from Southen Thailand. Baju Kedah is also said to have existed since the ruling days of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin in 1803. His grandchild, Wan Hajar Wan Ismail, also known as Mak Wan Besar, was the one who started the trend of Baju Kedah, which was at first restricted for the commoners.

It then became a local favourite. Usually made of cotton with floral motifs or a stiff, thin and see-through fabric, Baju Kedah used to be the choice for daily clothing in the olden days. With a length that fell just below the waist, wide sleeves in a three quarter length, Baju Kedah was commonly paired with a kain batik or kain pelikat.

After hundreds of years, we can still see Baju Kedah glorifying our fashion scene. While there have been some contemporary touches in keeping up to current trends, the classic cutting is maintained to preserve the unique and distinctive look of Baju Kedah.

At POYA, we offer quite an eye-catching selection of Baju Kedah. There are matching designs for both the top and bottom, alongside contrasting ones. You will also fall in love with our wide range of both contemporary and traditional patterns. When it comes to fabric, there are more exclusive choices like the brocade, silk or lace too.

If you want to further delve into your love for Baju Kedah, our boutiques are definitely the right spot for you. Be ready to explore a wonderful selection of designs and styles, colours and cuttings, for the young and old. As the home of ultimate traditional wear, we have something for everyone.


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