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The Allure of Kebaya

As a country graced with a rich cultural heritage, we Malaysians are blessed with a unique yet varied selection when it comes to fashion. Being so close to Indonesia, another country that boasts colourful customs and traditions, makes it easy for our styles and trends to be influenced, making them more exquisite and diverse.

Of all the different types of traditional wear we have, the one that stands out most due to its one-of-a-kind appeal is the Kebaya. There’s just something about the Kebaya that makes its wearer sexy yet modest and sweet yet boldly elegant. It’s just so magnetic and full of unique traditional charms.

The Kebaya is usually made of cotton, silk, or brocade that has openings on the front and long sleeves. Kebaya is usually worn during formal occasions, combined with batik sarong, songket or other traditional textiles. And there are so many varieties of the Kebaya itself.

In our local fashion scene, there are Baju Belah Kebaya Panjang, Kebaya Kota Bharu, Kebaya Riau-Pahang, Kebaya Nyonya, Kebarung, Kebaya Chitty, Kebaya Songket and Kebaya Saloma to name a few. And from the Indonesian culture, there are Kebaya Kartini, Kebaya Jawa, Kebaya Kutubaru, Kebaya Bali, Kebaya Sunda and Kebaya Indo among others.

At POYA, we strive to preserve the traditional elements of the Kebaya whilst infusing it with some fresh contemporary vibes to keep up with current trends. Here, we offer the Kebaya Pendek, Kebaya Kota Bharu, Kebaya Saloma, Kebaya Kebarung, Kebaya Panjang, Kebaya Jubah and Kebaya Ballroom.

To fit the various needs of our customers, we personalise some designs to make them a bit loose to cater to the more mature ones. Others are more body hugging and short. These days, most opt for non-sheer fabric to make it more convenient to wear.

If you’re looking to dress up for a more serious and formal affair, we also have the long Kebaya that covers the bottom, creating a modest and elegant look. Want to glam it up a notch? Add a shawl and pin in to one shouder.

In terms of style, some prefer the same patterns for both the top and bottom. Others like different designs for the top and bottom. Both styles look great, so it really depends on the wearer’s preference. When it comes to fabric, there are more exclusive choices like the brocade, silk or lace. For a more casual and comfortable wear, there are cotton or batik selections.

Due to the Kebaya’s front opening, it’s better to add a brooch to complete the whole look. Depending on the style and length of the Kebaya, you could either accessorise with a single or three brooches.

So, if you’re looking to delight in the beauty and many varieties of the Kebaya, do head on to our boutiques to explore a wonderful selection of designs and styles, colours and cuttings, for the young and old. As the home of ultimate traditional wear, we have something for everyone.


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