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Celebrating the Glory of Traditional Malay Wear

When it comes to listing things that make Malaysia such an amazing place, most would often come up with food as the first one on the list. There’s no doubt about that, we Malaysians love our food!

But there’s another thing that makes Malaysia so unique and diverse… Traditional Malay wear! There’s just something about traditional Malay wear that gives it a special place in the hearts of all of us.

In the spirit of Hari Merdeka, here we have listed some of the many, many reasons to love it:

A champion in surviving the evolving fashion times
Despite of some having the perception that traditional Malay wear is nothing but conservative, it has in fact maintained relevance in style. Traditional Malay wear has made people from the days before Merdeka look great and today, you can still see it being strutted on the runway.

Undoubtedly a wardrobe staple, traditional Malay wear has managed to preserve its familiar charms through all the years, yet has somehow been revolutionised to be more versatile and make the wearer look elegant, regardless of the occasion.

A heritage that illustrates our roots
Youngsters these days prefer the new craze and trends when it comes to fashion and rarely opt for traditional Malay wear. But if the new generation isn’t going to be ones who will continue the beautiful legacy of traditional fashion, then who will?

Traditional Malay wear is more than just clothes, it’s who we are. It carries our identity, promoting our uniqueness to the rest of the world. Treasure all the pieces you have and keep it for your next generation, because it’s definitely worth preserving.

Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Baju Kedah, there’s just so many to love. So why not allocate one day of the week to wear your collection of traditional Malay wear? Every week, even for just a day, you could be reminded of its value, its beauty. Wear it with pride

A stunning beauty
It’s simply beautiful. This reason alone is enough to love traditional Malay wear and all of its charms. You can dress it up or dress it down according to the theme of your event. You could even wear it daily! One of the best things about traditional Malay wear is how it could make you look elegant yet sweet, sexy yet modest, classy yet modern, all at the same time!

And we at POYA love traditional Malay wear so much that we want to share it with more and more people. We want everyone to not only acknowledge, but appreciate the true significance of this legacy. Various designs and styles, colours and cuttings, for the young and old. As the home of ultimate traditional wear, we have something for everyone.

Celebrate the glory of traditional Malay wear with us. Selamat Hari Merdeka!


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