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Batik Shirt

It is such a common sight to gentlemen sporting a suit at formal events. Those who like a bit of local touch on their style, on the other hand, often go for the full Baju Melayu set together with a sampin. However, there is a piece of clothing that is also perfect for such events, and that is the Batik Shirt!

The Batik Shirt is crafted with motifs of flowers or other nature-inspired elements, and abstract patterns. While most rarely opt for the Batik Shirt, it is actually one of the most iconic piece of clothing in Malaysia due to its cultural value. One of the best things about the Batik Shirt is actually its versatility.

It is so universal that any man could pull it off, regardless of race and skin colour. Besides wearing it to formal events, it could also be paired with jeans or any casual pants, making it perfect for casual affairs too! At POYA, we are proud to offer a wide and beautiful line of Batik Shirts for the gentlemen out there.

We have Batik Shirts from cotton for those who prefer a more relaxed fit and comfort. There is also a selection of Batik Shirts from silk for those who love the look of exclusivity. Both types come in a wonderful range of motifs, patterns, designs and colours so you’re sure to be spoilt with choices!


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