About us – POYA

Tasteful Traditional Wear for All Occasions

The story of POYA is one that spans across more than 20 years of rich, diverse history in the Malay traditional outfits scene.

It is a story of perseverance with the original founder, Sharifah Naemah Khalidza, or lovingly known as Poya among family and friends, started her humble beginnings in her home-turned-showroom selling imported items from Korea.

A few years later, Poya realised that there was a demand for uniquely Malay traditional wear, and thus, the first branch of the POYA boutique was founded in the year 2000 at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Subsequently, the second branch opened its doors at Empire Shopping Gallery in 2010.

Through persistence, POYA is now known to many as the one-stop centre for the finest, ready-to wear Malaysian attire such as the Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Baju Kedah and other Malay traditional wear in its different regional-specific styles.

With different textures donning the fabric, ornamental designs and an unorthodox way of fitting the pieces, offering sizes from as small as XS to XXXL, POYA is a boutique that marries the versatility and timeless style of the humble Malay attire with exclusivity and off-the-rack convenience.

Step into the shop and find refined pieces that exhibit a variety of evergreen patterns & fabrics namely batik, songket, brocade, linen and cotton with a modern contemporary twist to the widely accepted Malaysian women’s attire. POYA as a boutique has empowered and adorned women from all walks of life be it bridesmaids, international delegates and high-profile officers with grace, poise and beauty.

When you think of traditional Malaysian wear, you think of POYA.

A visit to POYA isn’t just about buying a set of clothes, it’s about bringing home a piece of traditional Malay heritage.

The next generation.

Now, with Poya’s daughters at the helm, Adilah and Katrina, the boutique is celebrating the essence of multigenerational legacy, a place that bridges generations and strengthens familial bonds through the conservation of traditional Malay beauty. With a promise to have customers leave with a smile, POYA is set to be the heart of uniquely Malaysian, timeless traditional pieces that will surely be an everlasting affair.